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HNC Electric, a global leader in cutting-edge automation solutions, and Digital Instruments & Control Systems (DICS), a respected automation company, have joined forces in an exclusive partnership that promises to revolutionize the automation industry in India. The successful meeting, held in Bangkok from August 14 to August 15, showcased the expertise and commitment of both companies to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.


HNC Electric is glad to appoint DICS as its exclusive distributor in India for VFD, Servo, PLC, and HMI products. This strategic collaboration aims to create a win-win scenario, leveraging the strengths of both companies to penetrate the Indian market and provide customers with advanced automation solutions that will transform their industrial processes.


During the meeting, executives from HNC Electric and DICS engaged in dynamic discussions, formulating strategies and collaboration plans that will shape the future of automation in India. The outcome of the meeting exceeded expectations, leaving both companies highly satisfied with the potential of this groundbreaking partnership.

This exclusive partnership between HNC Electric and DICS sets the stage for a new era of automation in India. By combining HNC Electric's advanced technology and innovative solutions with DICS's extensive distribution network and industry knowledge, customers can look forward to a transformative experience that will enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall performance.

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