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Over the past three years, HNC Electric products have been proved to be a very big success in Indian market, our PLC, HMI, AC drive and servo products have all been highly praised by our customers. Therefore, in order to provide a better service and take the development of this market further, we established the Indian branch of HNC Electric. This branch will be responsible for business development, technical support & after sales service in India.


The managing director of our Indian branch--Mr.Satish Ansingkar, has a more than 30 years experience in automation and drive industry, a good reputation of being both professional and trustworthy. He will be our authorised and solely responsible contact in Indian, taking the ownership of all product( incl PLC/HMI/CNC/SERVO SYSTEM/VFD/Softstarter and all new products in future) sales and services, branch office sales and technical team building along with the construction of product distributing network etc.


With the establishment of our Indian branch, we believe that we will offer a more efficient product delivery, a better and prompt technical support and service,which will allow our Indian customers to make the most value of our product and ourselves.


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