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HNC VFD in plastic industry
Application Description- Widely used in plastic molding, pipe extrusion, shoe making, rubber, metal die casting- Drive and control synchronous motor- Injection molding used in plastic products Technology Requirement- Injection molding speed precision cont

Application Description

- Widely used in plastic molding, pipe extrusion, shoe making, rubber, metal die casting

- Drive and control synchronous motor

- Injection molding used in plastic products


Technology Requirement

- Injection molding speed precision control

- Injection molding pressure precision control

- Matching with injection molding machine controller

- Servo oil pump control for stability and precision

- Closed-loop vector control mode with PG card

- Accurate feedback of oil pressure and flow

- Efficient energy saving effect


System Diagram

- HV610I


Customer Benefit

- Closed-loop vector guarantees drive performance and operating efficiency

- Servo oil pump control, significant energy saving effect

- Injection molding speed/pressure precision control ensures product quality

- Perfectly matched with the injection molding machine controller, easy to debug

- Powerful PID ensures fast and accurate response

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