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HSD2000 AC380V Servo Drive
HSD2000 has perfect performance thanks to 64bit DSP, high performance FPGA, and the newest motor control algorithm. It could drive synchronous servo motor and asynchronous servo motor, as well as induction motors. Available for pulse / analog / field bus
HSD2000 has perfect performance thanks to 64bit DSP, high performance FPGA, and the newest motor control algorithm. It could drive synchronous servo motor and asynchronous servo motor, as well as induction motors. Available for pulse / analog / field bus / digital input signal / keyboard control, and supports all types of encoders including incremental, SinCos, absolute, The power range is from 2.2KW up to 132KW.  


1.  Employed DSP+FPGA, reliability and performance is improved markedly High performance/ 

High flexibility / Strong over-load ability  




2. Perfectly work as AC synchronous servo drive and asynchronous servo drive, can drive: 

synchronous servo motor (position control), asynchronous servo motor and induction motors.




3. Speed mode/ torque mode/ servo mode/spindle drive mode optional 
   A. Speed mode 
Open loop:For most of applications, like Cranes, CNC spindle  
Close loop: For the applications require higher speed accuracy, e.g elevator, harbor cranes:  
   B.  Torque mode: 
Open loop:General winding applications, e.g leather winding, film winding 
Close loop: Winding applications requires high tension accuracy, with winding diameter calculation,  e.g steel panel winding.  
  C.  Servo mode: 
Pulse tracking: Usually co-work with CNC controller or other upper computer 
Positioning: CNC spindle positioning, internal digital positioning. 
  D.  Spindle mode.


4. Auto-turning of synchronous servo motor pole angle, no need zeroing, match all brands of servo motor easily  
5. Easy operation: pulse control / filed bus control / IO control / analog control  
6. Under servo mode, positioning accuracy is less than ±1 pulse  
7. Close-loop vector control, speed ratio is up to 1:5000,can achieve high speed accuracy  
8. Time-sharing control of 2 motors with different parameters  




Item description 


Rated voltage; frequency

Three-phase, 380V480V; 50Hz/60Hz;  voltage unbalance rate: 3; frequency: ±5


Rated frequency





G: 150 rated current in 2 minutes200 rated current 0.5 seconds

Main control performance


magnetic flux vector control without PG, magnetic flux vector control with PG, servo control, V/F control, V/F control wit PG

Modulation method

Space vector PWM modulation method

Speed range

1: 200 (magnetic flux vector control without PG), 1: 5000 (magnetic flux vector control with PG, servo control)

Start torque

0Hz of 150 rated torque (magnetic flux vector control without PG), 0Hz of 200 rated torque  (magnetic flux vector control with PG)

Operational rotational speed steady-status accuracy

≤±0.2 rated synchronous rotational speed (magnetic flux vector control without PG),

≤±0.02 rated synchronous rotational speed (magnetic flux vector control with PG, servo control)

Speed fluctuations

≤±0.3 rated synchronous rotational speed (magnetic flux vector control without PG)

≤±0.1 rated synchronous rotational speed (magnetic flux vector control with PGservo control)

Positioning accuracy

±1 pulse

Torque response

≤10ms (magnetic flux vector control with PG, servo control);

≤20ms (magnetic flux vector control without PG)

Torque control

Support magnetic flux vector control without PG, magnetic flux vector control with PG, servo control

Frequency accuracy

Digital setting: maximum frequency×±0.01; analog setting: maximum frequency×±0.2

Frequency resolution

digital setting: 0.01Hz; analog setting: maximum frequency×0.05

Torque lifting

Automatic torque lifting, manual torque lifting 0.1%~30.0

V/F curve

Four types: one user setting V/F curve and 3 reduced torque curves (2.0 times the power, 1.7 times the power, 1.2 times the power)

Acceleration and deceleration curves

Two types: straight acceleration and deceleration, S curve acceleration and deceleration; time of the four types: Time units (minutes / seconds) optional, maximum to 60 hours

DC braking

Halt DC brake starting frequency: 0.00 Hz60.00Hz; braking time: 0.0s30.0s; brake current: 0.0%~100.0

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

When grid voltage changes, the output voltage keeps constant automatically. 

Automatic current limiting

Limit current in operation automatically to prevent over current failure tripping frequently. 

Automatic carrier wave adjustment

According to loading characteristics, the carrier wave frequency may be adjusted automatically; optional

Customization capabilities

Textile swing frequency

Textile swing frequency control, achieve adjustable swing frequency function of center frequency

Binding function

Free banding and synchronous switching may be implemented between command channel and given frequency channel. 


Inching frequency range: 0.00Hz50.00Hz; inching acceleration and deceleration time 0.1s60.0s may best; inching interval may be se

Multi-speed operation

Multi-speed operation will be achieved by inside PLC or control terminals.

built-in process closed loop control

Form closed loop control system

Operation function

Operation command channel

Given operation panel, control terminal and may be switched by varity of methods. 

Given frequency channel

Given digital, analog voltage, analog current, pulse, serial port may be switched by variety of methods. 

Given auxiliary frequency

Achieve flexible auxilary frequency fine tuning, frequency synthesis

Pulse output terminal

0100kHz pulse square wave signal output, achieve output of setting frequency, output frequency. 

Analog output terminal

2analog signals output, 0/420mA or 0/210V may be selected separately. Achieve output of setting frequency, output frequency. 

operation panel

LED display

Display 20 types of parameters such as setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage and output current . 

LCD display

Optional, Chinese / English prompts content 

Parameter copy

Operation panel may be used to achieve rapid copy of parameters

Key lock and function selection

Achieve parts or all locking functions pf keys. Define function range of part key to prevent error operation. 

Protective function

lack-phase protection (optional) , over current protection, overvoltage protection, lack-voltage protection, over-thermal protection, overload protection, off-load protection



Indoor, without sunlight, dust, corrosive gases, flammable gas, mist, water vapor, dripping or salt.

Altitude height

Derating above 1000 meters, derating 10 in each 1000 meters lifting

Ambient temperature

10~+40 (ambient temperature between 4050, derating )



5%~95RH, without condensing


Less than 5.9m/s2 (0.6g)

Storage temperature



Protective degree


Cooling method

Air-cooled with fan control




Servo Drive Model  Rated Capacity (kVA)  Rated Input Current (A)  Rated Output Current  (A)   Adaptive Motor  (kW) 
HSD2000-4T-1R5 3 5 3.7 1.5
HSD2000-4T-2R2 4 5.8 5 2.2
HSD2000-4T-004 6.3 10 9 4
HSD2000-4T-5R5 8.5 15.5 13 5.5
HSD2000-4T-7R5 11 20.5 17 7.5
HSD2000-4T-011 17 26 25 11
HSD2000-4T-015 21 35 32 15
HSD2000-4T-018 24 38.5 37 18.5
HSD2000-4T-022 30 46.5 45 22
HSD2000-4T-030 40 62 60 30
HSD2000-4T-037 50 76 75 37
HSD2000-4T-045 60 92 90 45
HSD2000-4T-055 72 113 110 55
HSD2000-4T-075 100 157 152 75
HSD2000-4T-090 116 180 176 90
HSD2000-4T-110 138 214 210 110
HSD2000-4T-132 167 256 253 132
HSD2000-4T-160 200 307 304 160
HSD2000-4T-185 230 355 350 185
HSD2000-4T-200 250 385 380 200
HSD2000-4T-220 280 430 426 220
HSD2000-4T-250 309 488 470 250
HSD2000-4T-280 342 525 520 280
HSD2000-4T-315 388 605 590 315
HSD2000-4T-355 427 667 650 355
HSD2000-4T-400 454 701 690 400
HSD2000-4T-450 510 789 775 450
HSD2000-4T-500 566 877 860 500
HSD2000-4T-560 625 982 950 560
HSD2000-4T-630 724 1184 1100 630
HSD2000-4T-800 921 1500 1400 800






Servo drive model  D W1 H1 H W Outline Drawing No. Installation hole diameter  Gross weight (kg)  Installation method
HSD2000-4T-1R5 175 127 200 215 140 Figure2-3 5 3.5 Hanging 
HSD2000-4T-5R5 181 146 251 262 157 Figure2-3 5.5 5 Hanging 
HSD2000-4T-011 181 180 288 305 198 Figure2-4 5.5 8 Hanging 
HSD2000-4T-018 220 230 424.5 438 276 Figure2-5 7 18 Hanging 
HSD2000-4T-037 231.5 320 571 589 395 Figure2-5 10 45 Hanging 
HSD2000-4T-075 298 320 733 759 489 Figure2-6 12 75 Hanging 
HSD2000-4T-132 370 320 898 927 539 Figure2-6 12 125 Hanging and cabinet
HSD2000-4T-185 507 898 1377 539 Figure2-6 142
HSD2000-4T-220 373 280 1022 1054 704 Figure2-6 12 160 Hanging and cabinet
HSD2000-4T-250 672 1022 1500 704 Figure2-6 181



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