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HNC-848 series
Aiming at the global high-grade CNC control system, the company developed HNC-848 high-grade all-digital bustype system.
Stylish, reliable performance
HNC-848 adopts the modular, open architecture, NC and MPC structure of dual CPU module and17” LEDLCD.

Interface template switching function
The use of HNC-848 scripting technology allows HNC8 to have many functions that the traditional CNC system does not have,including skin replacement and multi-language. In consideration the user's habits, HNC8 HMI system provides a variety of interface templates, users can click to the familiar interface style, reducing the learning curve.

Usability integration technology
The traditional numerical control system is control-based, and HNC-848 is mainly for management. From control to management, the system integration reaches a new height. HMI can integrate local scripts, local dynamic libraries, native applications, and cloud applications with a variety of integration methods and less difficulties.

Highly open
The openness of CNC system is mainly reflected in four aspects: hardware openness, kernel openness, functional openness, and ecological openness. The openness of HNC-848 system hardware is reflected in hardware replaceability; the openness of kernel is reflected in the integration of IEC61131PLC editing tool; the functional openness is reflected in HMl, users can develop custom function modules; the ecological openness is reflected in cloud services. The CNC system can make full use of cloud resources.
1. High-speed high-precision control
2. 5 simultaneously controlled axes, 5-axis auto calibration, 5-axis RTCP function, Large circular interpolation, Hyperbolic interpolation, 5-axis orientation machining
3. Synchronization control
4. Error compensation
5. Direct drive
6. Intelligent control
7. Lathe-mill combination
8. Multi-channel control
9. Seamless integration of CAM software
10. Touch screen
11. Backlash elimination for multiple motors

Series Model Download
CNC Controller HNC-8 System Operating Manual (Milling Machine) V2.4
CNC Controller HNC-8 System Operating Manual (Lathe Machine) V2.4
CNC Controller HNC-8 System Commissioning Manual (Milling System) V2.4
CNC Controller HNC-8 System Commissioning Manual (Grinding System) V2.4
CNC Controller HNC-8 Series CNC Controller Programming Manual V2.4
CNC Controller HNC-8 PLC programming V 2.4
CNC Controller HNC-8 Commissioning Manual (Lathe) V2.4
CNC Controller HNC-8 Series Parameter Manual (V2.4)-20210514
CNC Controller HNC-8 Series Function Commissioning Manual_V2.4_ 2
CNC Controller HNC-8 CNC Device Connection Manual-V2.4-1
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