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HCM2 Series Card type PLC
HCM2 series PLC provides 32-60 points mainframe with built-in electronic cam function, including fixed length chasing shear, flying shear, wheel cutting, synchronization and other technical solutions.
HCM2 series PLC provides 32-60 points mainframe with built-in electronic cam function, including fixed length chasing shear, flying shear, wheel cutting, synchronization and other technical solutions. It adopts electronic cam speed curve, has high positioning accuracy and has no accumulated error. With HNC's self-defined instructions, it is simple to make application programming and is easy to understand, and it runs smoothly. The alignment accuracy is within 0.20mm. It can also be used with analog input/output module, temperature module and weighing module. It is rich in expansion and has stable performance to meet various applications.

1. Expandable to 256 isolated input/output ports.

2. Advanced saving technology in case of power-down, the program is permanently saved.

3. Pulse control method: up to 12 axes stepper/serVo motors can be driven.

4. With program encryption processing, it can be set whether to upload or not to protect the user's intellectual property.

5. You can download the program by inserting a USB disk or use a dua-headed USB cable to download and monitor the program, with faster communication speed, the download rate is up to 12Mbps.

6. By Using RS232 and RS485 dual communiction port, it both can realize HMI or PC communiction, it is compatible with MODBUS ASCll and MODBUS RTU communication protocols.


Number of points


AC Power

DC Power Supply


16 points



24 points



32 points



32 points



32 points



40 points



Note 1:In the product model number.D means DC24V,A means AC100V-AC240V.and those without differentiation suffix D or A mean DC24V by default.

Note 2:HCM2 is bus type PLC with electronic cam function,please refer to the description of EtherCAT bus type PLC series in the previous chapter.

Oscilloscope function:monitor the change of each component over time during operation,to facilitate analysis of problems and effective debugging.

Note 3:For motion control PLCs,you can refer to HNC Motion Control User's Guide for the use of electronic cams and multi-axis control.

Series Model Download
PLC HC2 Series PLC User Manual-V1.1
PLC HC2 Series PLC Catalog_V2.1
PLC HC2 Series PLC Basic Instruction Programming Manual
PLC HC2 Series PLC setup 2.7.27
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