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1. Installed in an TX1s or TX1N series PLC, to increase the analog input by 2 points

2.Internal mounting in the top of the PLC, no need for a change to the installation area of PLC

3.Voltage input or current input for analog to digital conversion can be mixed use

ITEM Voltage input Current input
Range of analog input DC0~10V(input resistance 300kΩ)
Warning-this unit may be damaged by an input voltage in excess of -0.5V,+15V DC
DC4 to 20mA(input resistance 250Ω)
Warning-this unit may be damaged by an input voltage in excess of -2mA,+60mA
Input characteristics The analog to digital conversion characteristic cannot be adjusted
Digital output 12 bits
Resolution 2.5mV(10V * 1/4000) 8μA ((20-4)mA * 1/2000)
Integrated accuracy ±1% ±1%
Processing speed About 30ms
Isolation No isolation between each channel or the PLC
Power supply Internal power supplied from the main unit
Number of occupied I/O points 0 points
Applicable cables AWG26 (0.1288mm2) ~ AMG16(1.309mm2)
Series Model Download
PLC Modules TX1N-2AD-BD User's manual
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