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1. Installed in an TX1s or TX1n series PLC, to increase the analog output by 1 point

2.Internal mounting in the top of the PLC, no need for a change to the installation area of PLC

3.Easy for invertor speed control

ITEM Voltage output Current output
Range of analog input DC0~10V
(External load resistance 2k ~ 1MΩ)
DC4 to 20mA
( External load resistance 500Ω or less)
Output characteristics The digital to analog conversion characteristic cannot be adjusted
Digital output 12 bits
Resolution 2.5mV(10V * 1/4000) 8μA ((20-4)mA * 1/2000)
Integrated accuracy ±1% ±1%
Processing speed About 10ms
Isolation No isolation between each channel or the PLC
Power supply Internal power supplied from the main unit
Number of occupied I/O points 0 points
Applicable cables AWG26 (0.1288mm2) ~ AMG16(1.309mm2)
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